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So this blog is not usually dedicated to such serious issues such as the environment and climate change. However, it does post all things important to me and it wasn't until recently that the environment became important to me. 

Before I broke up from University for Christmas, we head a lecture on the aforementioned topics and if I am honest, I had never heard so many interesting yet scary facts in a long time. Without going into a myriad of boring details, this blog post will give you a few simple yet easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint on a day to day basis.  


We hear about it all the time but do we do it properly? The products we consume daily from coffee cups to food packaging is followed by a big carbon footprint through its manufacturing, production, transportation, and use. Therefore recycling the materials to stop unnecessary production of new ones is always helpful.


Leaving your electronics plugged in when they do not need to be, increases your carbon footprint just because we are just a bit lazy. Unplugging things like your phone, laptop, television etcetera and avoiding standby mode is a simple way to help your environment. 


Cars produce a ton of carbon emission not as much as animals but still contribute a lot to your carbon footprint. Make informed decisions when buying a car and their effects on the environment. If your not in a position to buy an energy efficient car, try using yours less. Consider using public transport even if it's just once a week, walk or cycle. Even doing one trip less than usual can reduce your footprint significantly. 


I know with celebs and bloggers constantly traveling it looks completely glamorous and enticing for us all to travel more. However, aeroplanes are a big contribution to air-pollution that is affecting the environment. Trying taking your usual amount of excursions by plane and reduce it by one. Alternatively look for other ways to travel or consider a holiday in your homeland.


Now I suggest this lifestyle with a pinch of salt. I, myself am not a Vegan and I don't think I will be anytime soon. However, it is undeniable how much the lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint. Even if you do feel veganism is not the right choice for you right now consider having meatless days throughout your week. You could even try a plant-based diet for a couple of days a week, at risk of sounding like and ASDA advert  - every little helps. 


While I don't suggest you go out buy all new energy-saving appliances for your home. What I do suggest is consider the next time one breaks looking at a more efficient version of the appliance. You can use this website  to check the efficiency of all your products.

By no way, shape or form am I telling you to do all these suggestions. However what I am saying is, even doing just one of these examples can help reduce your carbon footprint, in turn, helping the environment. You may not see the benefit in your future but you are helping your family down the line. 


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